Top 8 Restaurants In West Virginia For A Fine Dining Experience

Looking for the best dining experience in West Virginia? Here you will find the names of top 8 restaurants in West Virginia. This location might not seem to be restaurant connoisseur to you, but here you will still find some prominent restaurants. They offer a lavish dining experience.

Cilantro Latin Grill: the name you can bank upon

This restaurant is a prominent restaurant in West Virginia which is a staple to Wheeling area. Here you may enjoy some of the best vibrant flavors. Ingredients used by world-class chefs are fresh, and here everything follows in large proportion. If you love Mexican food, this is perhaps an ideal choice.

Vagabond Kitchen for delicious cuisines

By merely visiting this famous restaurant, you will understand why the staffs of the restaurant take so much pride. Staffs cook some lovely dishes out here, and so they take pride in them. The Vagabond Duck Burger is the specialty of this restaurant where the brunch menu is delicious.

DEM 2 Brothers and a Grill

Are you looking for the best barbeque in entire Charleston? At DEM 2 Brothers and a Grill, you may grill up the best barbeques. This food joint is going to leave your stomach satiated and happy. The Slow Smoked Ribs is the fan-favorite here. It is enjoyed with spicy sauce and creamy cheese.