Atomic Grill: A Restaurant With 4 Stars

This restaurant is a hot spot for seafood to satisfy any seafood lover. Here the chefs specialize in all the traditional foods of West Virginia, and the best part is that they keep on rotating the food menu and doing changes. Chefs do not leave any stones unturned to include the best food items. One can enjoy an exciting range of cuisines of West Virginia. Here brisket and pulled chicken are hard to beat.

The very famous Hillbilly Sandwich Shack

The humble restaurant of West Virginia has the finest of sammies. All the major cuisines of West Virginia including Hilljack Burger are served here. Hilljack Burger is a special kind of dish which is double cheeseburger having toppings like pulled pork, bacon, jalapenos, cheese, etc.

Tricky Fish: offering a perfect escape

It is a favorite destination for all the seafood lovers. It serves popular seafood dishes like hushpuppies and Shrimp Po’ Boy. Just like these two dishes, any dish that comes out of the kitchen bears magnificent flavor of tropical paradise. Along with the meal, if you want to enjoy live musical shows, you may head towards it.

Cham Lebanese Cuisine

Do you love to savor the taste of kabobs? You must head for only Cham Lebanese Cuisine. Here you may enjoy some of the best Lebanese food items. Do not forget to try Shish Kabobs.

BlueGrass Kitchen for comfort food

Move straight to BlueGrass Kitchen to enjoy comfort food. Dishes like sassafras ribs and trout with grits are served here.Apart from the above mentioned prominent restaurants, there are various others.

Apart from the above mentioned prominent restaurants, there are various others. Some of the top restaurants are Le Bistro, Noah’s Eclectic Bistro, Pies & Pints, Kenyan Café, etc.